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Our clients include home users and small businesses, and we handle home office and business networking. We provide remote support not just locally but to clients in Europe, North America, Africa, the Far East, and Australia.

Our strategy is to initially clean up and fully service computers at our office, then provide remote ongoing support, and offer ongoing routine servicing. We make onsite visits only where absolutely necessary.

We are a local Chorleywood firm with considerable expertise in Microsoft Windows based PC's and laptops. We have excellent contacts for hardware repairs, advanced Apple issues, and a popular onsite IT trainer.

Our focus is software and we aim to make your Windows computer intuitive to use, compatible with what you are used to, and devoid of unnecessary software, add-ons, and annoying pop-ups. We also make them fast to start, fast to run, stable, and secure.

Our clients generally want simplicity and reliability, which we deliver.

Reliable, Professional,Thorough
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